Board Minutes 2007-05-22

Board Members Present – Eric, Susan
Guest – Kat

Meeting giveaways

  • Susan procured the following from O’Reilly for raffle prizes
    • Linux System Administration
    • Windows Develop Power Tools
    • Linux Server Hacks Vol. 1
  • Linux Server Hacks Vol. 2

Electing the board

  • We Need to announce that Nominations will open in the June meeting
  • Nominations will be accepted through emailing the discuss list

Geek Picnic aka Geeknik?

  • “Picn*x 16”, will be held in August 2007”, so it does not conflict with a possible geek picnic at the end of July
  • Kat will ask NBLUG if they will join us in a geek picnic
  • We should ask perlmongers as well
  • We need to determine a location

Upcoming meetings

  • June: Drupal
  • July: PowerDNS
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: MySQL Replication
  • November:
  • December:
  • Other possibilities:
    • Building RPMs (AS, EE)
  • Subversion (AS)