Board Minutes 2007-04-23

Board Members Present – Eric, Chris, Dustin, Susan
Guest – Kat

Electing the board

  • Election structure. Members vote for positions? Members vote for board members and the board votes who takes the various positions?
    • Decided that Members vote for the board and the elected board will decide who talkes the various positions
    • Board count (3? 4? 5? formula based on roster count?)
    • Decided we should have 4 on the board
    • Board positions (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, etc…)
    • President, Vice President, Secretary and a Webmaster
    • Term lengths. 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
    • 1 year
    • How much of the board to elect at once? whole board every time? half the board to keep some continuity?
    • First election, the entire board will be elected. Subsequent elections will be for half the board. For the first half election, we will randomly decide which two people will be up for re election
    • How to hold elections? Online? At meetings?
    • Online
    • schedule? I’m thinking something arbitrary based somewhat around when we’ve got things together enough to hold elections, like “The June Meeting”.
    • August and February. We will accept nominations in June up until the end of the July meeting. Then allow voting up until the day before the August meeting.
    • Who should be on steering (board) list? Just the actual elected board? The elected board and appointees? One list for each?
  • Anyone who’s interested in the leadership of SoCoSA can be part of the single steering list.

Upcoming meetings

  • May: Cobia
  • June: Drupal
  • July: PowerDNS
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: MySQL Replication
  • November:
  • December:
  • Other possibilities:
    • Building RPMs (AS, EE)
  • Subversion (AS)

Other ???

  • How about a picnic? A joint picnic with NBLUG. A possible name would be Geeknic. In July? at O’Reilly? Or someplace where we could have alcohol. We’ll double check the O’Reilly User Group agreement and also if it conflicts with Picnix