Board Minutes: 2006-01-23

So, first board meeting was earlier tonight.

Present: Eric, Chris, Susan, Dustin, Greg, Kyle, Augie

Next Steps

Things we need to do next

  1. Find a location.
    • Sonic is a possibility; Augie will investigate
    • O’Reilly is unlikely but possible
    • Any other locations that would work?
  2. Agree on a schedule. This depends on the location. First Wednesday of the month still seems likely.
  3. After we have a location and schedule, we can start actively promoting ourselves.
  4. Do first meeting. First meeting intended to be speakerless with a topic of what to do with the group, meeting each other, etc.
  1. Start trying to find ourselves some speakers.

General meeting notes

  1. Mission statement
    • Group is for
      • System Administrators
      • That “one geek” that runs everything technical at their small company
      • Network admins
      • Storage admins
      • *nix Admins
      • Windows Admins
      • Mainframe Admins
      • Telco admins (mmmmm… VOIP)
      • Application admins
      • DBAs
      • Provide a framework for those people to:
      • learn something new
      • network with their local peers
      • find jobs, find new co-workers
      • consulting / odd jobs / freelancing; maybe help them find things, too
    • help each other
  2. places to meet
    • Augie will ask about Sonic
    • O’reilly vague possibility
    • RP library
    • good if it’s a food friendly location
    • Meeting structure
    • food first.
    • Meeting time
    • 6pm food
    • 7pm presentation
    • 8:30pm kick everybody out
    • Meeting topics; some additional possibilities:
    • disaster planning and recovery
    • revision control for sysadmins
    • purchasing for sysadmins
    • making a business case
    • maybe have drivesavers come out?
    • Kyle has a “canned” talk on using Knoppix for disaster recovery
    • forensics
    • Kerberos
    • Single Sign-On
    • Active Directory, especially integrating it with LDAP
    • Communication
    • IRC channel will be on same servers as
    • Associations with other groups
    • Discuss SAGE and LOPSA later
    • Organization structure
      1. no official non-profit stuff for now
      2. membership definition: sign up on website
      3. Have members elect board, then have board elect its own officers
      4. Jobs:
        • President: Eric Eisenhart
        • Vice-President: Chris Wagner
        • Secretary/Treasurer: Susan Baur
        • everybody else is just “the board” or something.
    • ???: Greg
  3. Board all gave contact info to Susan, who will distribute it to rest of the board
  4. Advertising the group
    • nblug’s talk list
    • local newsgroups
    • various people mentioning it to their co-workers or email lists at their work
    • If somebody comes up with content, Chris can format the content into flyer format. (he’s done it professionally)
    • distribute flyers to local computer stores such as HSC, CompUSA, etc.
    • Visual representation
    • Susan has somebody she can ask about designing a logo
    • Chris might be able to do something, but is not comitting
  • in the meantime, we have the silly logo Eric made