Steering Committee Meeting Minutes

Board Minutes 2007-08-27

Officers – The Board decided the following board members would perform the following functions

  • President – Eric Eisenhart
  • Vice Presidet – Chris Wagner
  • Secretary/Treasurer – Susan Baur
  • Webmaster – Ryan Donham

Future Speakers

  • Ryan will present on Smoothwall next week
  • Augie will present on MySQL replication in October
  • November – we still need a speaker
  • December – we still need a speaker
  • January – we will not have a meeting since it falls on New Year’s Day
  • Ryan has some contacts and will try to get a forensics/security speaker lined up

Board Minutes 2007-05-22

Board Members Present – Eric, Susan
Guest – Kat

Meeting giveaways

  • Susan procured the following from O’Reilly for raffle prizes
    • Linux System Administration
    • Windows Develop Power Tools
    • Linux Server Hacks Vol. 1
  • Linux Server Hacks Vol. 2

Electing the board

  • We Need to announce that Nominations will open in the June meeting
  • Nominations will be accepted through emailing the discuss list

Geek Picnic aka Geeknik?

  • “Picn*x 16”, will be held in August 2007”, so it does not conflict with a possible geek picnic at the end of July
  • Kat will ask NBLUG if they will join us in a geek picnic
  • We should ask perlmongers as well
  • We need to determine a location

Upcoming meetings

  • June: Drupal
  • July: PowerDNS
  • August:
  • September:
  • October: MySQL Replication
  • November:
  • December:
  • Other possibilities:
    • Building RPMs (AS, EE)
  • Subversion (AS)

Board Minutes 2007-04-23

Board Members Present – Eric, Chris, Dustin, Susan
Guest – Kat

Electing the board

  • Election structure. Members vote for positions? Members vote for board members and the board votes who takes the various positions?
    • Decided that Members vote for the board and the elected board will decide who talkes the various positions
    • Board count (3? 4? 5? formula based on roster count?)
    • Decided we should have 4 on the board
    • Board positions (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, etc…)
    • President, Vice President, Secretary and a Webmaster
    • Term lengths. 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
    • 1 year
  • How much of the board to elect at once? whole board every time? half the board to keep some continuity?

Board Minutes 2007-03-12

Board Members Present: Eric, Chris and Susan


  • April Meeting - Electronic Frontier Foundation: Sysadmins as Guardians of Privacy
  • May Meeting - Cobia: Networking and Security (Pizza and Soda provided)
  • We need another backup speaker - Chris could do a talk on Moving web services from Windows to Linux
  • Susan will look into getting some slides on WebGUI and might be able to present

Increasing Meeting Attendance

  • Chris will speak with Mark S. at the JC about promoting SoCoSA to CS students
  • Susan will speak with Roger M. at SSU about promoting SoCoSA to CS students

Getting more people involved

  • Create Bylaws, based on other groups' bylaws
  • Hold Elections for Board Positions

Board Minutes 2006-09-28

Board Members Present: Eric, Chris, Mark and Susan

Only agenda item was Speakers

  • Eric is still talking to VMWare
  • Eric has also spoken with Xen
  • LiveJournal might be a good speaker for a scalability talk
  • Chris may have a lead on a speaker as well (analyst company?)
  • Mark will speak to Don Silverek about a Computer Forensics talk
  • Eric will contact Marssee about finding O’Reilly Authors (besides Kyle) who would be willing to talk to the group
  • Eric may be able to present on Revision Control for SysAdmins, but not this month
  • DriveSavers may be another possible speaker

Board Minutes: 2006-06-27

  1. Roll Call
    • Kyle, Chris, Eric and Susan were present
    • Low meeting attendance
    • Eric will continue to get books from O’Reilly for door prizes
    • We have to make a concerted effort to announce
    • Reduce official board down to active board members?
    • Will discuss on steering list and/or with those members
    • Audio recording of June’s meeting
    • We will post it to and see if we run into any bandwidth issues or charges after checking with Dustin first (since it’s his server)
  2. July – Patch management
  3. August meeting
    • Chris will present on WAFS
  4. September
  5. October
  1. Possible Future Speaker ideas

Board Minutes: 2006-04-24

  1. Roll Call
    • Eric, Chris and Susan were present
    • Meeting at O’Reilly
    • Need to finalize arrangements for getting a key. Chris will pickup key for this meeting.
    • We may be able to get a key permanently.
    • Building Membership / getting the word out
    • Flyers in Computer Stores
    • Recruiting Co-workers
    • Items carried over:
      1. Flyers — Eric still needs to write copy
      2. Associations with other groups
        1. SAGE was approved; nothing’s happened there
          • Sent application to SAGE, have not heard back yet
          • LOPSA’s starting to come together
          • May be able to get T-Shirts
  • Susan will email NCMUG

Board Minutes: 2006-03-27

  1. Roll Call
    • Eric, Susan and Kyle were present
    • Approval of minutes from last meeting
    • Approved
    • Items carried over
      1. Flyers — Eric needs to write copy
        • Discussed working with BayLISA on this
        • Associations with other groups
          1. SAGE —
            • Reviewed the SAGE affiliation documents
    • Unanimously decided to affiliate with SAGE
  2. Upcoming meetings
    1. April: Disaster Recovery / ADIC?
      • Speaker gave a CS Colloqium on Disaster Recovery
      • We may get someone from ADIC
      • There will be a prize to give away
      • The meeting will be sponsored
  1. May: Nagios monitoring / IT Groundwork

Board Minutes: 2006-02-20

Board Meeting Notes

Text in this format are the meeting notes The Regular text is from the agenda
Present: Eric, Kyle, Dustin, Chris, Susan

  1. Mailing list setup; announcements to both lists or one list?

  2. Meeting Announcements will go to both the discuss and notify lists.
  3. Location for next board meeting.

  4. The next board meeting will be at Redwood Cafe
  5. Anybody want to be webmaster?

  6. The Board Chose Mark Linford
  7. Flyers
  • Anybody want to work on content? Chris said he’d do layout for a flyer if somebody else would write the copy.

Eric will create the content for the flyer

Board Minutes: 2006-01-23

So, first board meeting was earlier tonight.

Present: Eric, Chris, Susan, Dustin, Greg, Kyle, Augie

Next Steps

Things we need to do next

  1. Find a location.
    • Sonic is a possibility; Augie will investigate
    • O’Reilly is unlikely but possible
    • Any other locations that would work?
  2. Agree on a schedule. This depends on the location. First Wednesday of the month still seems likely.
  3. After we have a location and schedule, we can start actively promoting ourselves.
  1. Do first meeting. First meeting intended to be speakerless with a topic of what to do with the group, meeting each other, etc.