is a group of SysAdmins in Sonoma County and the surrounding areas. (Santa Rosa, Sebastopol, Petaluma, Novato, Windsor, etc.)

We meet the First Tuesday of each month. Meetings are generally at O'Reilly in Sebastopol. Social hour and food at 6pm, speaker at 7pm, finished at 8:30. Meetings are open to all and free except for the pizza. Feel free to bring your own food.

Join the group by Registering on the site and attending meetings. Registering will automatically invite you to both of our mailing lists, or you can sign up for them separately.

Meeting information is available via our notify list, a webcal/ical/vcalendar feed, google calendar, an RSS feed or via this website.

Board Meeting

2006/06/27 - 6:00pm
2006/06/27 - 7:00pm

  • Low meeting attendance
  • Reduce official board down to active board members
  • Audio recording of June’s meeting
  • July – Patch management
  • August meeting
  • September
  • October

Board Minutes: 2006-04-24

  1. Roll Call
    • Eric, Chris and Susan were present
    • Meeting at O’Reilly
    • Need to finalize arrangements for getting a key. Chris will pickup key for this meeting.
    • We may be able to get a key permanently.
    • Building Membership / getting the word out
    • Flyers in Computer Stores
    • Recruiting Co-workers
    • Items carried over:
      1. Flyers — Eric still needs to write copy
      2. Associations with other groups
        1. SAGE was approved; nothing’s happened there
          • Sent application to SAGE, have not heard back yet
          • LOPSA’s starting to come together
          • May be able to get T-Shirts
  • Susan will email NCMUG

Board Minutes: 2006-02-20

Board Meeting Notes

Text in this format are the meeting notes The Regular text is from the agenda
Present: Eric, Kyle, Dustin, Chris, Susan

  1. Mailing list setup; announcements to both lists or one list?

  2. Meeting Announcements will go to both the discuss and notify lists.
  3. Location for next board meeting.

  4. The next board meeting will be at Redwood Cafe
  5. Anybody want to be webmaster?

  6. The Board Chose Mark Linford
  7. Flyers
  • Anybody want to work on content? Chris said he’d do layout for a flyer if somebody else would write the copy.

Eric will create the content for the flyer

Meeting: Fighting Spam

2006/03/01 - 6:00pm
2006/03/01 - 8:30pm

Enterprise Spam Filtering Using Open Source Tools

Mark Linford of Santa Rosa Junior College

Anyone with an email address is well aware of the problem of spam, or unsolicited bulk email. Though there are many commercial applications available to help enterprises cope with spam, their cost usually puts them out of reach of all but the largest corporations.

Mark Linford of Santa Rosa Junior College will discuss how their campus used off-the-shelf computer components and SpamAssassin (a popular open-source spam prevention system) to deliver commercial-quality spam filtering at a fraction of the cost.

Meeting: System Recovery with Knoppix

2006/09/06 - 6:00pm
2006/09/06 - 8:30pm

Food at 6pm; talk starts at 7pm.

Knoppix is a complete Linux distribution that runs directly from CD. One of its most popular uses is as a rescue and recovery CD since it includes a wide range of incredibly flexible tools to fix a computer that won’t boot.

In this talk Kyle will discuss a number of different system recovery scenarios and how to use Knoppix (or another live CD) to restore both Linux and Windows systems. Among the recovery scenarios, Kyle will cover:

  • Restoring the Linux boot loader

  • Recreating the partition table from scratch

Kyle Rankin

Kyle is the author of Knoppix Hacks, a member of the SoCoSA board and NBLUG’s president.

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