RH Directory Server


Kevan Benson / Trevor Benson

Red Hat Directory Server / CentOS Directory Server provides an easily administered and robust solution for entities needing an enterprise class LDAP system. With support for 4 way multi-master replication, easy integration into the Red Hat suite of systems, and comprehensive documentation, it’s a good choice for both deploying a new LDAP structure and migrating from an existing one.

Covered topics will include:
Implementing redundancy through multi-master replication
Configuring clients to connect to LDAP for single sign on
Using pGina to provide LDAP auth for windows
Using Samba to provide single sign on for windows through native windows client

After attending this talk a system administrator of moderate experience with windows and Linux should be able to implement single sign on for a small heterogeneous network with little effort.

2009/05/05 - 7:00pm
2009/05/05 - 8:30pm


O'Reilly Media Inc.; Tarsier meeting room; go past giant metal animal and turn right
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North