RT: Request Tracker


Kevan Benson

RT: Request Tracker is a powerful trouble ticket and support system written entirely in perl. It comes with many ticketing system features built in, and what’s not present upon install can be configured due to the modular and extensible nature of the program.

In use by such diverse organizations as NASA, perl.org and Merril Lynch, it is a well tested and mature product with a very large feature list.

This talk will focus on RT configuration, operation, and extension.

Within configuration, I hope to touch on the following areas:

  • Setting up your first RT site
  • Configuring separate RT queues
  • Configuring some users with permissions

In operation, the following will be covered:

  • Modifying ticket attributes such as owner, requester and status
  • Linking tickets to other tickets to form relationships and dependencies
  • Searching tickets and running reports

Extending RT is a very large topic, but I hope to adequately cover the following:

  • Adding Custom Fields to Tickets, Transactions and Users
  • Using Scrips to automatically take actions or alter content based on Queue, Ticket, Transaction or User values
  • Extending the RT code base
  • Accessing RT information through your own programs

After the following, any audience member should be able to tell if RT is right for their organization, and if so what they can do to make it fit well within their workplace.

2009/02/03 - 7:00pm
2009/02/03 - 8:30pm


O'Reilly Media Inc.; Tarsier meeting room; walk between buildings on right (towards lawn) and turn right
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North