Meeting: Virtual Networks w/Untangle


Dirk Morris, CTO at Untangle

Topic: “Trade-Offs in Building Entire Networks in Software”

Topic Summary:

Untangle, an open source software company, has developed a virtualization platform for packaging and delivering networking applications that make it easier for businesses to adopt open source software. In this presentation, Untangle’s Founder/CTO, Dirk Morris, will lay out a new model for deploying software at the network gateway to overcome the challenges of running multiple applications (firewall, IPS, VPN, Spam Blocker, Spyware Blocker, Web Filter, etc.) on standard x86 based hardware. Dirk will present an insider’s look at the tradeoffs Untangle made when designing a virtual network and tricks learned in
maintaining high performance between competing applications running on the same system.

About the Presenter:

Dirk Morris, Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer

Dirk Morris is the co-founder and Chief Technology Officer of Untangle and visionary behind the Untangle Gateway Platform. Prior to Untangle, Dirk was Chief Architect at Akheron Technologies, where he invented the patent-pending High Bandwidth Transparent Vectoring used in the company’s proxy firewall engine. He has also held positions as lead engineer at VerticalNet and H.L.L.C. Consulting, developing Java-based distributed
monitor and intrusion detection systems. Earlier in his career, Dirk worked on survivability simulations at CERT/CC (Computer Emergency Response Team), the renowned, federally-funded Center for Internet security operated by Carnegie Mellon University. Dirk earned a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science with a minor in Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University.

2008/03/04 - 7:00pm
2008/03/04 - 8:30pm


O'Reilly Media Inc.; Tarsier meeting room; walk between buildings on right (towards lawn) and turn right
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North