Board Meeting




  • Electing the board
    • Election structure. Members vote for positions? Members vote for board members and the board votes who takes the various positions?
    • Board count (3? 4? 5? formula based on roster count?)
    • Board positions (Pres, VP, Treasurer, Secretary, etc…)
    • Term lengths. 6 months? 1 year? 2 years?
    • How much of the board to elect at once? whole board every time? half the board to keep some continuity?
    • How to hold elections? Online? At meetings?
    • schedule? I’m thinking something arbitrary based somewhat around when we’ve got things together enough to hold elections, like “The June Meeting”.
    • Who should be on steering (board) list? Just the actual elected board? The elected board and appointees? One list for each?
    • Upcoming meetings
    • May: Cobia
    • June: Drupal
    • July: PowerDNS
    • August:
    • September:
    • October: MySQL Replication
    • November:
    • December:
    • Other possibilities:
      • Building RPMs (AS, EE)
    • Subversion (AS)
  • Other ???
2007/04/23 - 6:30pm
2007/04/23 - 8:00pm


Sizzling Tandoor
409 Mendocino Avenue
Santa Rosa