Meeting: Xen


Luke S. Crawford and Neal K.

Join Luke and Neal to hear about Xen, the exciting new technology that will make your life happier and more productive. (Don't believe anything they say to the contrary -- they're just old and cynical.)

Xen is a virtualization technology that offers nearly all the traditional advantages of virtualization with near-native speeds. Using Xen, administrators can partition users into separate virtual machines, developers can rapidly test network applications, home users can enjoy robust checkpoints and configuration management. Right now it's all hackerware, but the revolution is coming.

Luke Crawford and Neal Krummell have a lot of hard-won experience in the care and feeding of Xen virtual servers. Together they run, an outfit that specializes in providing Xen virtual hosts to the masses. Ask them about it!

2007/02/06 - 7:00pm
2007/02/06 - 9:00pm


O'Reilly Media Inc.; Tarsier meeting room; go between buildings on right (towards lawn) and turn right
1005 Gravenstein Hwy North