Growing Old in an ever changing I.T. world or Just another mid-life crisis?

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How did I find myself here, 51.5 years old, out of work and wondering where and how to "fit in", in an
ever changing world of information technology? Well, there's a general cover letter and resume that is
available online; , but so much of that is just historical brevity to get
some future employer to byte the hook. 10 months have past since my last job. It was the best working
place I've ever experienced. Being senior UNIX admin at an ISP, working with network nerds and great
customers often 10-12 hours per day was the greatest!!! The financial reward was good also, but didn't
do much for me except help provide a good environment for my offspring in their teen years. How do I
get back there, into such a fast paced and enjoyable work situitation?