About SoCoSA

SoCoSA was started in January of 2006. Our goals are to help System Administrators in Sonoma County and surrounding areas advance in their professions, do their jobs better, and interact with their peers. We attempt to accomplish these goals by holding meetings where SysAdmins can socialize with other SysAdmins, hear interesting speakers relevant to Systems Administration, and by providing other mechanisms for SysAdmins to communicate with each other.

Contact Us

Steering Committee Email – please feel free to email us with suggestions, complaints, comments, etc.

Sonoma County System Administrators
c/o: Dustin Mollo
PO Box 1374
Santa Rosa, CA 95402-1374

Steering Committee

(board of directors)

  • Susan Baur — Secretary/Treasurer
  • Greg Dickerson
  • Eric Eisenhart — President
  • Mark Linford
  • Dustin Mollo
  • Kyle Rankin
  • August Schwer
  • Chris Wagner — Vice-President


We’re hoping to do elections some day. Right now (2006/01) we have a self-selected board, no members and no official definition of who’s a member.